When You Choose Wilde Dreams You Choose A Better Future For The Animals

When You Choose Wilde Dreams You Choose A Better Future For The Animals

May 20, 2017

German Leaders Vote to Close Remaining Fur Farms

Global fur trading continues to die as Germany votes for a bill that will shut down its six remaining fur farms! Via:PETA This victory is over 20 years in the…

May 19, 2017

The Vaquita will go Extinct Within Months

A rare species of porpoise (vaquita) – of which fewer than 30 remain – could be extinct in months, a wildlife charity is warning. The population of vaquitas, which are…

May 18, 2017

China Ends Sale of Dog Meat at Yulin Festival

Authorities are set to ban the sale of dog meat during next month’s Yulin festival in China The controversial festival sees thousands of dogs and cats are brutally bludgeoned to…

May 17, 2017

End the commercial seal slaughter in Canada!

via: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/sheryl-fink/national-seal-products-day-canada_b_16542826.html ICYMI: and of course, you did miss it… almost everyone did. Bill S-208, An Act Respecting National Seal Products Day, was at the bottom of the order paper, not…

May 14, 2017

Behind Big Dairy’s Doors Mason Dixon Expose

I recently worked inside one of the largest dairy factory farms on the East Coast, one that touts its innovation as the first in the country to implement machine-milking of…

May 4, 2017

Animal Serial Killers Murder 100+ Animals in Oregon and Washington

If petitions arise please send to us via facebook or caruthers@wildedreams.com Officials say 10 people are under investigation in connection with killing spree that took place mostly in Cowlitz County,…

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