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What We Do

We promote a animal friendly future.

California Summer Veg Fest

South Bay VegFair

VegFair is an annual event that brings the local community together to celebrate all animal species and the planet. The event mixes education and fun in a unique way to create a one of a kind experience. The funds raised in the various VegFair locations will support communities, animals and organizations fighting for them.


In 2017 the South Bay VegFair humbly raised $2000 for Animal Place Farm Sanctuary.

In 2018 the South Bay VegFair raised $400 for the incredible organizations Food not Bombs and  CAPE Animal Sanctuary and facilitated the adoptions of some 20 animals including rabbits, dogs and cats from local rescue groups.

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We give funds to help animals and the environment

SOS Earth Fund

This fund is an annual allotment of money that is awarded to individuals and projects that further the message of animals rights, help the pursuit towards a green future, protect the  people fighting for animal protections and freedom, as well as other projects that may fall within that realm. There is a dire need of all beings coming together, and share with each other so we can all grow. If we cannot do this then it is very likely that the entire planet could perish to the 6th mass extinction.
To be considered for the SOS Earth Fund award please submit your contact information and explanation of why you deserve to be rewarded to and await instructions regarding our award schedule. 

Recent Recipients:

$300 – Sponsorship of 2 activists to attend the Animal Liberation Conference.
$100- In support of the National Animal Rights Day
We organize events

Community Events

Wilde Dreams holds community events every year such as beach clean ups and large “Vegfests” such as the South Bay VegFair (formerly California Summer VegFest). We bring in the community to teach them about the very serious issues that are facing our planet but we do so in a fun and engaging way.

We create online content

Online Multimedia Content

Through social media we create and spread large quantities of content speaking about animals and telling stories that concern them toeducate on how to better protect and liberate non-animal species.

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We Fight For Animals


We engage in non-violent protesting of all institutions that promote violence against animals. We do not support industries that profit off of the exploitation of animals such as zoos, circuses, and rodeos.

Journey the globe on us

Wilde Dreams Travel Program

Wilde Dreams offers travel opportunities to it’s members in order to bolster eco-tourism but to support wildlife sanctuaries and organizations succeed in their missions through high energy, motivated personnel.

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Wilde Academy

Explore our wide selection of online, and in person classes. Members receive class discounts and other class perks.

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